Structural Design and Inspection:

Structural services provided by AmerCom on a routine basis include structural design and details for rail platforms, canopies, catenaries, buildings, bridges, sign structures, retaining walls and other miscellaneous structures. Our engineers are able to “think outside the box” in order to develop innovative, sustainable and cost-effective concepts and designs that meet the needs of our clients, while respecting local preferences (context sensitive designs) and meeting the requirements of the multitude of complex environmental regulations. In addition, AmerCom provides in-depth structural integrity inspections and repair programs for buildings and bridges.

During this past summer, there were four bridges under construction throughout New Jersey that have been designed by AmerCom professionals. Design packages consisting of contract plans, construction specifications and cost estimates were completed and delivered to our clients: the New Jersey Department of Transportation and the New Jersey Turnpike Authority. We will be providing Construction Support Services for all of these bridges which are part of three separate projects.